Barcelona Day 2 – Chocolate y Churros

My chocolat con churros
My chocolat con churros

One thing that I knew I wanted to do when I got here was to eat Churros and Chocolate in an outdoor sidewalk cafe and just enjoy watching the people pass by.  Well by George, this morning was the day.  I have to say it was every bit as awesome as I had imagined it.  I was sitting in the charming Placa del Pi outside the Santa Maria del Pi.  The church is about 400 years old.  Jason said the inside was even nicer then the outside.

Entrance to the GSM World Congress

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  So the only reason we’re even here in Barcelona is so that Jason can go to the GSM Association’s World Congress.  This is a big deal conference in the cellular telecom world, and all the world’s operators and vendors come out to show off what they’re working on.

After I left the Jasons at the conference I set out on my own.  I came back to the hotel and got organized.  I went downstairs and had my Churros and Chocolate.  Then I decided I would start walking and I was heading to the Picasso museum, unfortunately everything is closed on Mondays, so I ended up at the city’s central park.  I got to see the Parliament building and a pretty cool fountain.  Across from the park is the Arc de Triomf.  That was really cool looking.

Pealla y Sangria
Pealla y Sangria

I walked down La Rambla back to the hotel right before Jason got back from the conference.  We took a nap and then got up and going to dinner.  I had found a place that I wanted to try from the guide book.  So off the three of us went to find Agut.  We walked and walked and we asked where it was and we never did find it.  That’s because the last man that we asked said that it was closed and that we should eat at this place on the corner.  It was hilarious, this guy had a little lap dog and once we get inside this guy goes into the kitchen, with the dog.  We never saw him left.  Oh well.  We settled into a pretty cozy atmosphere.  Jason had some tapas again, Churizo, and Jason M. and I had paella and sangria.  An unexpected delight.  It had all sorts of seafood in it and I said what the heck.  I had muscles, clams, and I think there were octopus tentacles in there too.  It was really good.

After dinner, we stopped at the gilato shop and I got some desert.

We got back to the room and I thought we would crash.  My legs, shoulders and back are killing me after all the walking.  I even took some Tylenol PM, but I didn’t sleep well at all… I just had a great day I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

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