Barcelona Random Thought #1 – Bathroom Size

One thing I haven’t talked about yet is the size of things over here in Europe.

Our Very Small Bathroom
Our Very Small Bathroom

  Yes I knew they would be considerably smaller then I was used to, but I wasn’t prepared for the size of the hotel bathroom.  We are lucky enough to be staying in a hotel that has a private bath.  Although the bed is smaller than our king size behemoth at home, I think we are doing fairly well fitting on it.  But the bathroom is another story completely.  As you can see, its small.  I mean its really small.  In case you didn’t know, I’m a bigger girl (more to love and all) and let me tell you something, getting in and out of that shower is no joke.  I have to wiggle and squirm to get through those doors.  And actually going to the bathroom is a joke.  I have to lean over the sink with one leg in the shower to get in over the toilet properly. It is a delicate ballet to say the least.  Now I know why all the Europeans are so thin, it’s that they need to fit in their showers.  If American home builders just started making smaller and smaller bathrooms the obesity problem would be solved.


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