Enough about Xbox Music… I want that sweater/fingerless mitten pattern

So the geek in me subscribes to Engadget and that’s why I came across this post, but after drooling over the tablet in the picture I realized that I LOVED the sleeve in this picture. Not sure if it’s just a cuff from a sweater or if this is a technology hipster fingerless glove.  At any rate, I’m loving the angled cuff and stitch pattern on what ever it is. The colors are really pretty too.

Microsoft reportedly set to launch Xbox Music on October 26th, ad-supported option on tap — Engadget.

Who wants a new project bag?

OK, so this weekend I decided to make a new project bag and test out a new design concept. Well, it didn’t work out quite like I had hoped, and it’s a little wonky.  It works, but I’m disappointed in how it turned out. If you were to buy this at an outlet store, it would be labeled as “irregular”.  However, if you need a project bag, this one will work, it might not be the prettiest, but it’s functional. If you would like one, just fill in the Google form below.  I’ll draw for a winner on Wednesday’s show.



Wet Splicing

I have decided that I need to post/share more content with my readers. Although I’m sure most of you all probably know how to do this, or follow Webs’ blog also, I thought that this would be a good way to start adding content.

I’ve used this technique before and find it particularly helpful when I’m winding off yarn that I’ve spun myself from two different bobbins when I just want one hank of yarn.

Webs Yarn Store Blog » Blog Archive » Tuesday’s Knitting & Crochet Tip – Wet Splicing.

Sad and Disappointed with the USOC

Crap, I typed the work Olympic.  I guess my Cease and Desist letter must be on the way because I didn’t spend millions of dollars to use the word Olympics, or parts of the word, in my blog post. Olympic… Olympic… Olympic… there are another three letters.

I guess the US Olympic team must seriously be underfunded for the USOC to come after a bunch of fiber artists like this.  We were just trying to have a little fun and feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves. I completely agree with one “Outraged Knitter”:

Dear US Olympics Committee:

While I understand that Ravelry should respect trademark and change the name of the Ravelympics to something else, I do not like the assertion that knitters coming together from all over the world to participate in friendly competition, while promoting the Olympics is somehow disrespectful to athletes. And the notion that knitters from all over the world, coming together for events could not possibly promote education, culture, respect, world peace, and harmony as the Olympics do is just absurd. Wherever global tragedy strikes, knitters are lending a helping hand with hand knit toys, blankets, hats, mittens, scarves, prayer shawls, and the like. They sell patterns on Ravelry to benefit victims of global atrocities and natural disasters or to bring light to illnesses. They come from such varied backgrounds on Ravelry and use knitting as a way of connecting our cultures. Shame on you, US Olympics Committee, for writing a letter that could’ve merely stuck to the trademark infringement issue, but chose to insult millions of men and women for whom knitting is not a frivolous distraction, but a way to create, connect with others, and give back.



An Open Letter To The US Olympics Committee

I guess I’m not really outraged as much as I’m saddened and really disappointed.  I guess no “Sports Games During the Summer Time in a European Location that Brings Athletes Together from around the World” for me. (I wanted to change the name before I got a fourth letter.)

Want to read more or see real time reactions from fiber artists check out the hash tag on Twitter or check out the article from Gawker.com: Knitters Outraged After U.S. Olympic Committee Squashes Knitting Olympics—and Disses Knitters.

Colorway Inspiration

At some point I want to dye some fiber in the colors of the sky in this picture.  This was our sunset last night as I was getting ready to head into the gym.  I love color theory and it’s interesting how in comes into play in nature.  For example, intensely beautiful sunsets and rises are normally characterized by the colors of gold, orange and sometimes even reds reflected on the clouds in the sky while the sky itself is either purple, blue or a combination of the two depending on the saturation of color.  The naturally occurring complementary colors are striking.