Combat Knitter Patch in Support of Deployed US Soldiers in Afghanastan

I just wanted to share this… As a former member of the military who has been deployed I think I connect to this more than someone else might. If I had been a knitter while in the service (Go Army) I would have loved getting this sort of support.


Combat Knitter Patch in Support of Deployed US Soldiers in Afghanastan.

My first sweater…

I knit this sweater over the summer for some friends of mine that were expecting in the fall.

This was the first sweater that I ever knitted, and it was so fun to do.  I learned a ton, and I loved working on it.  The weekend before I gifted it to the expecting parents, I spent 8 hours working on the embroidery, setting in the sleeves and doing things like weaving in ends, and I loved every second of it.  I think the fact that I actually started/finished a project surprised him almost as much as my friends.

So today, I got to see my sweater as a true Finished Object (FO).  Little Miss was finally big enough this week to fit into it.  It feels amazing to know that something I made could actually be used.

Studio setup and other stuff

I’ve been putting together a studio for a lack of a better word.  A place that I can work on my spinning, knitting and sewing.  I got everything setup over the summer, and now it’s also become my photography studio too.  I didn’t realize how much I was going to want to take pictures of the yarns I create or the objects that I knit, but the photo bug kind of bit me pretty hard after reading Ashley Martineau post from Neauveau Fiber Arts on Build[ing] your own Photography Lightbox for $37.  It’s such a simple thing really and it made such a difference in my photos.  Now I just need to get a better camera.  Right now my cell phone camera is better than my real camera if you can believe that.  Here is what my studio and light box look like:

And here is an example of the types of photos I can take using my new lightbox and my cell phone camera: