Enough about Xbox Music… I want that sweater/fingerless mitten pattern

So the geek in me subscribes to Engadget and that’s why I came across this post, but after drooling over the tablet in the picture I realized that I LOVED the sleeve in this picture. Not sure if it’s just a cuff from a sweater or if this is a technology hipster fingerless glove.  At any rate, I’m loving the angled cuff and stitch pattern on what ever it is. The colors are really pretty too.

Microsoft reportedly set to launch Xbox Music on October 26th, ad-supported option on tap — Engadget.

Even I think this Apple accessory is cute…


OK, so I’m not an Apple fan, but I even have to admit that this is pretty cute.  Today is GEEK day on Etsy.  If you don’t know what Etsy is, think of it as an online craft fair.  It’s petty neat.  So today, Etsy is featuring products for the inner geek and nerd.  For example, this vinyl decal for a MacBook.  There are also butterfly pins out of circuit boards, knit hand warmers that look like WoW gauntlets, and Star Wars themed products just to name a few.  I particularly like this theme because it appeals to both my geeky and crafty natures.



Apple Juice Vinyl Decal for Macbook by bigbangdecals on Etsy.