Episode 105 – A Week in the Planning

Hi All,

This episode was recorded on 13 July 2015.  I talk a lot about an art installation that we’re doing in October.  I had some project updates to.  Does anyone use MS Project to plan out their knitting/crafting schedule?


Stash additions:

Episode 104 – Post-Knitpocalyptic High

What a trip, so much fun. Unfortunately I had some problems with this episode. New viewer should know this is not how most episodes go.

In this episode I talk about some knitting projects started and half finished.  I also share my ZK2015 purchases with you. You can check out my project pages for more information on what I’m working on.

Episode 100 – Yarn Singing

Surprise! Episode 100… Nothing fancy, I just recorded a little earlier than I thought I was going to. Don’t forget to sign up for the AF3 Charity Sock Yarn Club (or the cancer sock club as my son likes to call it). There are still slots available. You can get more information here, or you can just sign up here.

Episode 95 – ’bout Time

So I had the worst technical fails trying to get this episode up and running.  It’s a short one, and to the point.  It’s all about having the courage to say, “You know what, I don’t like this and I will make it right.”  So enjoy! Also, Something really exciting is going to be coming your way in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for more details 😉