Mount Yarn

Ok, so maybe I am getting back into the swing of things.  I think Monday nights are going to work now. I’m going to keep them short and light with the editing.  Thank you to all of you last week that reached out to me to let me know the video was set to private.  That really isn’t the point now is it… lol.  Please enjoy this short little bit for the week. I know that those of you that subscribe via iTunes probably didn’t see last week’s episode because I posted it only on YouTube. If I go with the cellphone recording method, I might not be able to get it onto iTunes as easily because of course the phone doesn’t record the video files in a way that they are easily used off the phone. That’s my problem though so I’ll look to figure out the solution.  At any rate, please enjoy and again, any feedback is much appreciated.

Knitting Game v2.0

Hi everyone,
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted or recored in some time. Sometimes life just gets so overwhelming, that things have to slip. I want to say  special thank you to AnnieMouse who reached out to me. I’ve been thinking for sometime how I could re-invent the show to better fit my schedule. Basically, in a full house with 2 kids, pets and crazy sideway schedules, I haven’t had the energy to record. So this episode is a lot different. I recorded it on  my cell phone.  There is no editing, no fancy graphics, and no crazy show notes.
The other major changes is I think I now konw when I’ll be recording. On Mondays I always go up to my guild’s studio to hang out while Mr. PixeKnits is t his banjo lesson. That gives me a purfect opportunity. I get a 1/2 hour in the studio where it is usually very quite at that time of the evening. Next time I record I will use my good camera. I just want to create a show to hang out with you all, virtually at the very least. Hopefully I will get to meet you all too.

Episode 92 – Time Management…. What?

Lesley details some finished objects (yeay) and reveals the next three sweaters to say goodbye from the “Next 10 Sweaters” Knitting Game.  The final three sweaters fight it out for knitting dominance. Show notes are available here.

Episode 91 – Getting Back to Normal

This week’s episode has a lot of new projects, goodies and updates. After a debilitating cold, Lesley shares some of her new found treasures and new success stories. She also reveals the winners of the first round of voting in the Ten Future Sweaters Knitting Game. Thanks for stopping by, please come again. The show notes can be found here.

Episode 90 – So Long January


Lot and lots to talk about. There is a new knitting game to vote on and some pretty yarn to.  Project progress includes a pretty big finished object.  The shownotes can be found here.  Don’t forget to vote!

Episode 89a – Down by the River… still

This is just Episode 89 again. This is a test.  If you’ve already watched Episode 89, you don’t need to watch this one again. I’m trying to set up my new iTunes feed, so please bear with me.  I don’t know if  iTunes will sync up my previous episodes with this new feed. If not and you would like to watch the previous episodes, here is my old iTunes link. Hopefully this isn’t spam.  The show notes are located here.

Episode 87 – Almost a New Year

It’s almost the New Year and everyone is thinking about goals and making changes. This year’s goals include knitting a sweater or two, and spinning. Stash to zero may also be an option, but who are we kidding, with MDSWF, Shenandoah and Zombie Knitpocalypse this year, I’m sure there will be some stash added. Show notes are available here.

Episode 85 – A New Look

The blog and the show have a new look. The finalists in the “Pick the Tightpants” pattern Knitting Game are up for a vote. Show notes can be found here.

The Knitting Game


Feet: Ziprelaxagon

Legs: Loo-Wit Lace Leg Warmers

Hands: Linda K’s Yummy Mummy wristwarmers

Shoulders: Bryce Canyon Shawl

Neck: Downtown Cowl

Head: Quadrifurcus