Happy Post Superbowl Monday Everyone

And so it begins…

The Monday after a football game is always interesting.  Fans of one team or another continue to arm-chair coach the “what I would have done” scenarios well into the morning.  The Monday after the Super Bowl however, is an epic battle between fans rejoicing in “their” team’s victory, or debating why their team lost, most often citing a key mistake or a bad call by the officials.  I can tell you, as someone that didn’t actually watch the game this year, or have a “team” playing, it is interesting sitting here in the office, listening to all the various conversations going on.  Most are trying their best to become armature sports commentators, giving different perspectives on what plays should have been called, what player need to “step-up”… it’s like listening to SportCenter (do do doot, do do doot), but sitting in my office.  It seems that everyone is talking about, even I’m writing about and I didn’t watch the game.  It’s sad to see another season go, especially because we didn’t even know that there would be one last year, but now it’s on to big and better things… well, not really.  At least we don’t have to wait too long for the draft to come around.  That will be the next hot topic… that and March Madness… yes folks, that’s right around the corner.  Before long it will be time to do a case study in Bracketology.


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  • So, after-football was more complicated than Shower Thoughts! Love to read your short and sweet shower thoughts. Especially “I wish I could knit faster.”
    Don’t we all.

    Thanks for the wonderful story in bullet form.

  • lol… thanks. Sometime things just smack me in the face and I just feel compelled to jot down what I’m hearing/seeing/smelling/thinking at the time. Sometimes these are very perishable and may never make it past that fleeting thought, I was lucky with this one that I was near an internet connected typing device…

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