Knitting Game v2.0

Hi everyone,
You may have noticed that I haven’t posted or recored in some time. Sometimes life just gets so overwhelming, that things have to slip. I want to say  special thank you to AnnieMouse who reached out to me. I’ve been thinking for sometime how I could re-invent the show to better fit my schedule. Basically, in a full house with 2 kids, pets and crazy sideway schedules, I haven’t had the energy to record. So this episode is a lot different. I recorded it on  my cell phone.  There is no editing, no fancy graphics, and no crazy show notes.
The other major changes is I think I now konw when I’ll be recording. On Mondays I always go up to my guild’s studio to hang out while Mr. PixeKnits is t his banjo lesson. That gives me a purfect opportunity. I get a 1/2 hour in the studio where it is usually very quite at that time of the evening. Next time I record I will use my good camera. I just want to create a show to hang out with you all, virtually at the very least. Hopefully I will get to meet you all too.

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