Machine Sewing and Knitting: A Natural Collaboration


Funny story: My husband has been talking about getting a plain black sweater that zips up in the front.  I started looking for one, and came to the realization that pullovers are much less expensive. I asked my Plurk buddies if anyone had ever taken a commercially made sweater, steaked it, and made it into a cardigan.  Well the answer was YES. Not 2 minutes later I get my daily email from Knitting Daily on the same subject.  Well, not totally, but it talks about using a sewing machine to finish hand knit projects.


I find it interesting that more knitters don’t think of this.  I think when a lot of us knit, we think about knitting a garment, or the entire piece as a whole, rather than what it really is – FABRIC.  We just so happen to create the fabric in such a way that it creates an entire piece not just a giant swatch… which when you think about it is exactly what a yard of knit fabric is when you buy it from the store.  You wouldn’t think twice about cutting a piece of knit fabric you got from Mood or Jo-Ann to make a t-shirt or dress, why should it be any different for something say a sweater?


For an excelent introduction to using machine sewing with hand knits, check out  Machine Sewing and Knitting? Yes! – Knitting Daily – Knitting Daily.

2 thoughts on “Machine Sewing and Knitting: A Natural Collaboration

  1. I agree! Ha! Same goes with handwoven fabric. So many of the patterns for handwoven fabrics are so boxy. I understand no one wants to cut or waste what they have woven…but it sure is not much of a fashion statement!

  2. I’m going to start off picking up a sweater from Good Will and see about putting in a zipper. One of my Plurk friends actually uses commercial sweaters when she teaches steaking, and not only with zippers, but she said she’ll actually put in button bands. I think it’s a great way to update a sweater.

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