My Book – page 1

I keep seeing the post on Facebook and Instagram that today starts a new book (chapter) in my life and there are 365 blank pages. Although I am not generally a literal person, I thought maybe it would be interesting to see what would happen if I did treat each day as if it were a new page.

My story starts like many on this day; full of promise, hope and a sense of excitement at all the new possibilities the new year brings. I’m not sure how this story will end, and it may be a pretty dull trip, but January 1st is a natural place to start new adventures.

Today I finished the first sleeve of my first sweater. I knit by the way, in case you didn’t already know. I didn’t cast on any new projects and I feel a little sad that I didn’t even think about it until I saw everyone else’s photos on Instagram. I’m using the Google voice feature on my cell phone to see what it would be like to dictate my page a day.

The day was pretty quiet, I started by watching a few podcasts and working on my sweater sleeve. My dear husband got up earlier than I did like usual, and was downstairs watching TV. I spent most of the day in bed working on my sweater and watching my shows. My dear daughter came home after spending the night over at her aunt’s house for the New Year’s Eve celebration. My son was hanging out downstairs in the basement like usual. Later in the day he came up and hung out with me just a little bit and we decided that tonight we should get Outback for dinner. Well, it’s now almost 7 o’clock and we have yet to order dinner because my husband is up in the bathroom fixing our toilet. He’s been up there for about an hour now.

Right now I’m listening to my daughter talk about all of the really gross YouTube videos she’s been watching lately. They range from cyst removal to ingrown hairs??? Why, why, why would anybody want to watch that stuff is beyond me.

So, this is how I started 2014 with the new sweater sleeve, a functioning toilet, maybe some Outback for dinner and listening about really gross stuff on YouTube. I would say that’s an interesting start to the New Year…

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