My Book – page 3

Page 3 was a slog. Work was just waiting for this or that all day long. At least when I’m at the office I eat right. I’ve started to have conversations with my food. To really acknowledge what I’m eating, I look at it, say what it is, and think, “I am now placing you in my mouth. I will chew you, and that will be the last we hear of that.” This really does slow down the eating, it’s no longer mindless shoveling of food in, and I’m really aware of what I’m eating. Then I get home. On page 2 for dinner I have bagel crisps and cheese. Tonight, it was a roast beef panini w/cheese and 1/2 a ham and cheese sub, and funnel cake fries. I just can not keep it together once I come through the door. I have all the willpower in the world while I’m out of the house, but my kitchen is my Kryptonite.

For knitting I worked on the Redskins gloves and my Rocky Coast sleeve. I dropped the thumb gusset stitches onto waste yarn, so those are coming along pretty fast. With being at work for a full week next week, I think I will get at least the first glove finished and maybe start on the second.

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