My Book – page 4

Started this page off watching podcasts using the Chromcast. Spent most of the morning in bed working on the Rocky Coast. This page is going to be pretty slow going. Writing can be hard sometimes. I guess in every story there are some slow spots. I’ll call it character development.  I eventually went downstairs to eat, looking really rough. I ate the second half of the ham and cheese sub from page 3.

The story picks up here. I organized all my knitting needles and tidied up my studio last weekend and realized that I couldn’t find my size 7 interchangable needles. That bugged me for a week, so I decided to look again. So the only knitting bag I hadn’t checked was the one with my Sayuri sweater yarn. So that’s the first one I checked, and low and behold, there it was. Then I was feeling guilty about having over 1900 yards of this wonderful wool silk blend yarn for almost two years and hadn’t done a thing with it.  So for what ever reason I got the idea to start a new sweater. I pulled out the “Knit to Flatter” that the dear husband got me, and I found a sweater pattern that called for a worsted weight yarn. OMG, it was so fun to start a new sweater, even though it was a crap ton of ribbing.

So then I had to go get ready to  go get my eyebrows done. So I will admit now, and this may be too much information, I get my eyebrows and lower arms waxed on a regular basis.  I was looking like a Sasquatch. Then I was going to hit the store, but there was a Hair Cuttery right there so I stopped to get my hair trimmed. Then I decided to get my nails done too.  All I needed was a message and it would have been an all spa like day.

I finally made it home, but I didn’t eat dinner right away, I had some computer work to do. Then I looked up and all of a sudden it was 9. Crazy.  So I ate dinner and then got back to knitting on the downstairs sweater… lol.

So until page 5….

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