My knitting plan for 2012 – Introducing the Knitting Game

Since its January and everyone is planning out the next year, I thought I would get into the act too.  The idea popped into my head yesterday as I was working on a sewing project.  I was sitting there at my ironing board facing my bookshelf.  Right there in front of me must have been a couple of hundred of dollars in knitting books.  I sat there almost dumbstruck by what was staring back at me, a library of resources and patterns that I hardly use.  So my plan, for the next year, is to knit something each month from one of my books, and I’m going to ask for your help.

Each month I’m going to pick one book, probably with a short review.  From that book, each week I’m going to post a poll with two patterns from the month’s book.  At the end of the week, the winning pattern will move on to the next round against another pattern from the featured book, so on and so on until at the last week of the month.  On the final Saturday the pattern with the most votes will be the pattern I knit.

That will be 10 projects for the year in addition to my spinning, sewing and hiking!  I have a feeling this will expand my horizons and be a lot of fun too.  Next year I’ll be able to do a full year.  With this in mind, this Saturday I will post the feature book for February and the first poll for my March knitting project.

Please, also feel free to knit the project along with me.  I will be posting updates on my progress.  I might not finish each project in that month, but then it will give me an excuse to have more than one project going at a time.

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