My take on cardio – getting ready for a 5K

So I’m getting ready for a 5K “Fun” run on Thanksgiving.  My husband and I ran the turkey trot last year, but I was about 20 pounds lighter than I am today.  Given that I will be carrying around some extra weight, I decided to start my training early.  I started with one of the Couch to 5K apps that you can get for your phone.  I run on a treadmill so I don’t need one of the GPS enabled tracking apps to track distance, time or calories.  I progressed pretty well through weeks 1 and 2.  Week 3 was a little daunting, and I completely shut down when I saw what week 4 had in store for me.  Then I hurt my shoulder and then my neck/back, so I had to take some time off.

This week I decided to get back into the swing of things and get back to a training plan, but the C25K just wasn’t working for me so I decided to take my own approach to getting ready for the race.  This is by no means a Dr. approved program, and it shouldn’t be taken as such. I did however discus the training plan with my personal trainer, and at least he thought it was a good plan. It only takes 30 minutes for a session and I’m trying to get in three a week, but I will more realistically will only be able to fit in two.  I also throw in some light weight training to keep everything balanced.

Duration (in minutes) Activity Description
5 Warm up walk Walk, 0% incline
5 Warm up run Jog 1 MPH faster than walk, at least 3% incline
2 Rest walk Walk, 0% incline
2 Interval 1 Jog .1 MPH faster than Warm-up run, 0% inline
2 Rest walk Walk, 0% incline
2 Interval 2 Jog .1 MPH faster than Interval 1, 0% inline
2 Rest walk Walk, 0% incline
2 Interval 3 Jog .1 MPH faster than Interval 2, 0% inline
2 Rest walk Walk, 0% incline
2 Interval 4 Jog .1 MPH faster than Interval 3, 0% inline
1 Interval 5 Run 1 MPH faster than Warm up run, 0% incline
2 Cool Down Walk Walk, 0% incline
1 Cool Down Walk Walk, .5 mph slower than Rest walk

In one day I was able to increase my distance and my calories burned. On Monday, 22 Oct, I logged 1.64 miles and 296 calories. On Tuesday 23 Oct, I was able to get in 1.8 miles and burned 335 calories.  Once I get my warm-up walk up to 3.5 MPH I’ll revamp this intro program to create an intermediate program (which I will post once I go over it with my trainer).  If you have questions or comments, please let me know.

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