2 thoughts on “Shower Thoughts #132: All about the zen

  1. A new book?!?!? Details — title, subject, author. Details, please. I am waiting for a new one from one of the used booksellers I buy from on line. I go to AbeBooks.com Great sellers, good reviews. Knitting, of course, of course

  2. I was thinking about the new book that I’m going to detail on the Knitting Game tonight when I record, so I can’t spill the beans just yet. I will have a review for the book this time since I’ve actually taken the time to plan things out. So I’ll post the review, the new episode of the video cast and the new poll tonight sometime. You won’t have to wait too long for the details.

    I did check at AbeBooks.com, and the book I’m going to use for the next volume of the Knitting Game is available and I will mention the site on the cast when I record because they carry it at a great discount. How is the customer service? Have you ever had a problem with them?

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