Can you feel that?

Oh yes, just ever so slightly, the hint of Autumn is in the air.  This morning it was just a little crisper; the air had a bit of an edge to it.  Before long the leaves are going to start to turn blazing crimson, orange and yellow.  The smells of damp  leaves, cooling pies, and smoke from fireplaces are right around the corner about to come into view.

I can’t wait for our hikes now that we are heading into fall.  I anticipate that cool mountain air mixed with the changing leaves will give us something new to behold.  For years I’ve wanted to go out to Shenandoah to see the leaves change color.  We never have made it, but this year will be different.  Not only are we going to be hiking in Shenandoah, but we are taking a trip to hike in the Great Smoky Mountains in late September.  Who knew that we would embrace hiking like we did.  I never imagined that one hike planned as a bit of an after thought would prove to be so life changing.

Fall Foliage Photography
Fall Foliage Photography by ForestGladesiWander, on Flickr