What to do today…

Well, I’m going to blog a little bit, spin, knit, maybe read.  I may go grocery shopping, but that would require a change of cloths and leaving the house, neither are on my “to-do” list for the day. I have tons of photos of my latest spinning projects I want to post, but I need to find the best way to organize and present them to the world.  Give me a few hours and I’ll be better prepared to deal with things… my coffee hasn’t had time to work its magic on my brain…

Longest Quest… EVER!

Seems like has been some time since I’ve been able to write. This thing I do a couple months of the year got in my way. Its called college. I feel like I’ve been going to school for the last 5-years. Oh, wait, I have. Aside from one summer session I took off, I’ve been at it, rep grinding, since 2003. Its the longest quest of my life.

I’m in the final stages of my quest, its a pretty long chain. I took the final test of the semester and I’m just waiting on my grade at the moment. I collected the first two purple drops from the other two bosses in my semester dungeon, now I just need the third. I had to farm that last class pretty hard. At first the boss only dropped a green (a B), and while that will fulfill the quest requirements, I’d love to get my last purple drop (an A) to complete the set.

I have experienced some spouse aggro along the way, and my kids feel like they should be Children’s Week orphans. I’m hoping that when I complete my quest in May ’09, I’ll get some phat loot and some gold. I think I’ll finally be able to get my epic land mount, but no guaranties.

I hope that the final part of the chain isn’t as hard as this last one. I had to raid 4 nights a week, and that is a pretty intense schedule, so I’m looking for a more casual raiding schedule for the next phase.