Shower Thoughts #107: Who knew

1. Who knew shoulders were so important (I know now)

2. I slept like crap…

3. Must eat dinner at the office on my long days

4. I am NOT looking forward to the gym tonight

5. I feel angry

On a side note, traffic this morning was horrible, so I’m going to vent a little bit here.  So picture it, 4 AM and most sane people are still in their beds.  On an ordinary day, only a few brave souls take to the streets at that hour and we as a group, in general, have a sort of understanding.  People driving the interstate at that time of the morning seem to drive with a purpose, but aren’t too rude and generally follow the rule: slow on the right, speed demons on the left.  This morning was a nightmare.  I don’t know who decided that everyone should get up early and hit the road, but it was down right crowded this morning.  I mean it seemed more like 6 AM than 4.  I know it’s only a two-hour difference, but around here 10 minutes can be the difference between it taking 60 minutes to drive in 2 hours.  It has been proven that traffic in this area is the most unpredictable traffic in the nation, and I believe it.

Anyway, how you have a good day.  I’m planning on blogging more about my knitting, spinning and sewing exploits.  Not yet to the point that I want to do a podcast or vlog, it seems that those avenues for sharing are pretty far-reaching.  There are at least two dozen that I know of, and that’s got to be a lot for anyone to keep up with.


Shower Thoughts #105: You’re one craftsy lady

1. My current spinning project will be something that I knit for my sister-in-law living in Alaska. She could probably use 3 or 4 hats at a time.

2. I need a 20 inch zipper

3. Song of the day: Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes

4. I need to knit the February Lady Sweater

5. I need to knit more projects from my books

6. I have to go by the guild to pick up the charity items for TCCOC

7. I need to put together a timeline of my adventures in spinning