I just can’t help it…

So on Facebook I happened to mention that the weather last night had changed so drastically that I was taken aback by how wonderful it felt.  I actually said the weather was “awesome sauce”.  I can’t help but rave about how wonderful it is right now.  I love the crisp and chilly mornings in the fall; walking outside and being able to see my breath is exhilarating – at least to me.  I think at this time of the year, when the weather turns colder and the fashionable colors of the season turn to reds, oranges, and dark deep greens, that everything should smell like apple and pumpkin pies.  I know I would be hungry all the time, but I just feel so much more alive once the heat of the summer finally passes.

However, I was surprised to hear today someone mention about what a long hot summer it turned out to be.  I sat at my desk thinking that it wasn’t as bad as last year.  Even though I know that we had a long stretch of 100 degree days (or close enough to it), I didn’t think it was too bad.  Oh well, looks like I won’t have to worry about that for a while.

To celebrate this wonderful change (yes, I know I’ve said ‘wonderful’ about 100 time so far) we’re going to go hiking and we’re going to do Mary’s Rock.  I love this hike.  It is WONDERFUL (ha ha ha).  Seriously, it has to be my favorite.  The views are really breath taking and I expect that we’ll end up doing it a few more times so that we can see the leaves around that Shenandoah Valley change.

Next week we’re heading down to Gatlinburg, TN to the Great Smoky Mountains.  We’re going to spend a few days hiking there… I’m guessing it’s going to be a bit more challenging than what we’re used to, but that’s good.  Nothing like a vacation dedicated to exercise.

Well that’s my $0.02 for the day, I just really had to share how happy/excited I am about the weather.