Shower Thoughts #99: Not so much

Since it’s a lazy Sunday, I’m not actually going to take a shower until tonight before bed.  So, this is what I think I would have thought about had I taken a shower this morning:

1. The kids need to clean the window

2. I’m annoyed with Hobby Lobby

3. I need to spin, knit, spin and knit some more

4. I want to make those knitting project bags.

Shower Thoughts #98: My Favorite Things…

1. Grilled BBQ Chicken

2. Pasta Salad

3. Deviled Eggs

4. Brownies

5. Libraries

6. Yarn


lol…. so I was thinking of dinner tonight and what I was going to do today.  First, I’m going to have some coffee, then I’m going to head over to the library.  I have a copy of The Spinner’s Encyclopedia by Enid Anderson on hold that I can pick up.  Next, I’m going to go over to the Old Town Yarnery.  Seriously, I think every town should have a Yarnery, don’t you?  Probably not, but for a knitter/spinner I love going into LYS to see what’s around, dream, and think about creating. Next I’m going to head to the store.  I’m going to do grilled BBQ chicken with pasta salad for dinner.  Jason is going to make deviled eggs, and I’m going to make brownies from scratch with a warm berry compote to go over a dollop of vanilla (or maybe chocolate) ice cream for dessert.  I also finished one of my convertible mittens last night, so I’m going to take some pictures and post them later. Instead of finishing the set, I decided to start the pair of mittens I owe my dad for Christmas.  I made scarves for my sister and step-mom, but really didn’t know what to make my dad, so I had him choose, so a pair of mittens it is!


Wow, a busy, but AWESOME, day ahead… Hope you enjoy yours!

Studio setup and other stuff

I’ve been putting together a studio for a lack of a better word.  A place that I can work on my spinning, knitting and sewing.  I got everything setup over the summer, and now it’s also become my photography studio too.  I didn’t realize how much I was going to want to take pictures of the yarns I create or the objects that I knit, but the photo bug kind of bit me pretty hard after reading Ashley Martineau post from Neauveau Fiber Arts on Build[ing] your own Photography Lightbox for $37.  It’s such a simple thing really and it made such a difference in my photos.  Now I just need to get a better camera.  Right now my cell phone camera is better than my real camera if you can believe that.  Here is what my studio and light box look like:

And here is an example of the types of photos I can take using my new lightbox and my cell phone camera: