The Knitting Game and Other Stuff #2 – It’s all about the “2s” and Taking over the World with Knitting


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Shout outs and Thank Yous

Thank you to the following Ravelrers for posting introductions in our group:

Funny story about an interesting coincidence. Samjam158 is from the same town that my husband grew up in and not too far from where I was born and raised (about 5 miles down the road).  I’m not originally from Virginia, but rather a small town on the east central coast of FL (the Space Coast is what we call it.)  You may have heard of Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral, well I’m from that general area.

The Knitting Game

An explanation of The Knitting Game can be found here on the blog or on our Ravlery Group.

Book of the Month

Classic Elite Quick Knits by Classic Elite – on sale from Knit Picks for $14.97 until the 20th

Winning Pattern

The winner of first round of voting for TKG is…..

Lattice Ribbed Hat with 67% of the vote.

This Week’s Patterns

For round 2 of March 2012’s knitting game the contestants will be:

The Bateau Hat v. Lattice Ribbed Hat

  • Voting for round 1 will close at 3 PM EST on Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Other Stuff





  • Nothing this week

Stash Expansions

  • Nothing here either


On the bobbin

  • 100% Corridale in dark blue and crabapple from Louet purchased from Uniquities in Vienna, VA.  I think I’m going to 3-ply this yarn.  I’ve spun up 3 oz. on bobbin #1 and 1 oz on bobbin #2, so I have a bit to go.

In a Hank

  • Nothing finished this week

Stash Expansions


On the Hanger

  • Butterick 5722 – Women’s Top, Dress, Skirt and Pants.  Blouse “B” (sleeves finished in Blouse A style)

On the Machine

  • Nothing right now

Next Up

Hiking (Travel)

  • We’re going on an Alaskan Cruise in May/June and I’ll be in Seattle and Juneau so I would love some suggestions for local yarn and fiber shops where I could stop and pick up some souvenirs.



Knit Pick February 2012 Spin-in

  • Date: February 10 – 13
  • Time: noon to noon

Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild Monthly Meeting

SoXperience 2012

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