It’s Plying Time Again

I finished spinning up the 4 oz. of Targhee from my January Spunky Club fiber shipment.  Now it’s time to ply.

I have a lazy kate that came with my spinning wheel, but I’ve been having problems ply because the bobbins over rotate letting the yarn wind off too quickly and then it gets all kinked up and tangled.  So I’m going to try using a homemade tensioned kate this morning to ply.  I found the instructions here.  So I will have to report back to you all about how happy I am with the new setup.  I love to spin, but the plying part just doesn’t make me as happy because of all the problems that I’ve been having.  Hopefully this will help fix the problem.

ETA: Updated to include the link to the original instructions.

Colorway Inspiration

At some point I want to dye some fiber in the colors of the sky in this picture.  This was our sunset last night as I was getting ready to head into the gym.  I love color theory and it’s interesting how in comes into play in nature.  For example, intensely beautiful sunsets and rises are normally characterized by the colors of gold, orange and sometimes even reds reflected on the clouds in the sky while the sky itself is either purple, blue or a combination of the two depending on the saturation of color.  The naturally occurring complementary colors are striking.


Combat Knitter Patch in Support of Deployed US Soldiers in Afghanastan

I just wanted to share this… As a former member of the military who has been deployed I think I connect to this more than someone else might. If I had been a knitter while in the service (Go Army) I would have loved getting this sort of support.


Combat Knitter Patch in Support of Deployed US Soldiers in Afghanastan.

My first sweater…

I knit this sweater over the summer for some friends of mine that were expecting in the fall.

This was the first sweater that I ever knitted, and it was so fun to do.  I learned a ton, and I loved working on it.  The weekend before I gifted it to the expecting parents, I spent 8 hours working on the embroidery, setting in the sleeves and doing things like weaving in ends, and I loved every second of it.  I think the fact that I actually started/finished a project surprised him almost as much as my friends.

So today, I got to see my sweater as a true Finished Object (FO).  Little Miss was finally big enough this week to fit into it.  It feels amazing to know that something I made could actually be used.