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  • Hot pepper juice in the shower? At least if it makes you sweat you can rinse it right off. Giggles.

    • DH made some Thai Basil Chicken and used some Habanero peppers to spice things up… unfortunately he forgot to:
      A) Wear gloves while handling the peppers, and;
      B) Didn’t wash his hands before he touched is face.

      His check was still burning the next morning! No wonder pepper spray works so well.

  • Your info: A touch of patenting? Or perhaps you mean parenting? But maybe you really are exploring patents to make the world a better place. PS I read everything so carefully it drives my daughter and everyone else crazy.

    • Opps… thanks for pointing that one out. Sometimes I write so fast that I just pick the first option on the spell check without actually reading what it is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written that I need to check my colander vice calendar.

  • There’s a wonderful site. Not a www. All about auto-correct. That thing never learns. And you know what is so curious — parent comes BEFORE patent so seems like it should be on the suggested list first.

    Technology — I think it’s a grand thing but it HAS created some other challenges for us to navigate.

    Shower thoughts on this perhaps?

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