2 thoughts on “Shower Thoughts #168: Stream of Consciousness

  1. you and your coffee flavors. You must have a pantry filled with only coffee. That is space you could use for yarn!!! I will confess I’ve just bot some more! Please don’t tell. I think I need more tote bags. When will your design be available?

    1. I’m suck a bad blogger. I need to be more prompt with my replies. Anyway, the coffee thing is way more boring than you may think. I bought into a small coffee club. We paid $25 and then we got 15 2 oz samples of flavored coffee. Here is some additional information on what we did. About my bags, I’m not sure when I’ll have a working prototype. I haven’t had time to do any actual sewing, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the mechanics of how to achieve what I want. I will be sure to post something (and talk about in on the show) once I get it done.

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