What’s in a name?

Ok, so forever and more than a decade I’ve been pixie91075 everywhere, but now I’m thinking of maybe changing my online persona.  I’m having a really tough time making this decision.  This morning I changed my Raverly name to PixieKnitsDesigns.  When I gifted my knitted projects for Christmas I tagged everything as being “Handmade by Pixie Knits Designs”.  My license plate is even PXE KNTS.

I’m getting more and more into the sewing, knitting and spinning worlds and I feel the pull of weaving too.  Right now I’m sewing a new project that I’ve designed all by myself.  I sat down and though about construction and how to sew the different pieces together.  For my knitting I’ve been doing sort of the same, although I haven’t actually designed anything on my own.

But anyway… I’m wondering if I should switch my online persona to PixieKnitsDesigns or leave it Pixie91075 (Pixie nine-ten-seventy-five)?  I feel like I’m cheating on pixie91075 by even thinking about changing things up, but it seams like everyone else in the knitting, sewing, spinning, weaving community have such personal and cute names (Stockinette Zombies, The Knit Girlls, Knit Purl Gurl, Watcha Swatchin aka oohfancypants just to name a few)… Pixie91075 seams so clinical and cold.

So here’s a poll, because I like to get feed back and polls are fun to do.  Should I change to PixieKnitsDesigns or stick with Pixie91075?

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